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We are excited to offer our traditional style Build-It-Yourself Carpenter's Toolbox Woodworking Kit Gift Set at a discounted price.  Included in the kit is everything you need to complete all our kits.  Each Carpenter’s Toolbox combo kit comes with the following:

  • 1 Carpenter’s Toolbox Kit
  • 1 pair of youth-sized safety glasses
  • 1 8oz hammer
  • 1 multi-bit screwdriver
  • 1 bottle of 118ml wood glue
  • 1 6” clamp
  • 1 chip brush
  • 1 artist paint brush


Our Carpenter’s Toolbox is an excellent beginner level kit, with straight forward instructions and simple assembly. It is the ideal portable place to store tools that will create a sense of pride and ownership. As tools are collected, learners are inspired to continue the journey developing hands on skills.

Made from 3/4” solid wood. Simple and fun to assemble. Pieces are cut so they fit together easily and make a strong connection. All you need is a hammer and some glue.

All nail holes have been pre-drilled to ensure proper placement and to make nailing easier/safer.

Comes with all the parts you need including nails (even some extra just in case), a pamphlet with illustrated step-by-step instructions, and some sandpaper. There is even a link to an instructional video which demonstrates exactly how to put it together along with many helpful tips.

Makes a unique gift or great weekend project with the kids/grandkids-they can even paint it after.


Volume pricing available upon request.

Build-It-Yourself Carpenter's Toolbox Woodworking Kit Gift Set

SKU : KT-08-001-EA
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  • 35.5cm x 15cm x 19.5cm

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