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This Build-It-Yourself Squirrel Picnic Table Woodworking Kit has been designed to last.  Its strength is found in its many interlocking dados. The many angles will challenge the builder to carefully identify and match each piece prior to gluing and nailing them together.  


After the build is complete, use the cleverly designed out-of-sight mounting bracket to hang it on a fence post.  Add some peanuts to the included bowl to see the squirrels arrive for a hilarious picnic.


Made from 3/4” solid wood.  All you need is a hammer, screwdriver, and some glue. All nail holes have been pre-drilled to ensure proper placement and to make nailing easier/safer.


Comes with all the parts you need including;

  • all wooden pieces cut to size
  • nails (even some extra just in case)
  • a wooden mounting bracket
  • screws (one small one for installing the bowl and two longer ones to use with the mounting bracket)
  • plastic bowl
  • a pamphlet with step-by-step instructions
  • due to allergy concerns, peanuts are no longer included.


Makes a unique gift or great weekend project with the kids/grandkids-they can even paint it after.


Volume pricing available upon request.

Build-It-Yourself Squirrel Picnic Table Woodworking Kit

SKU: KT-04-001-EA
  • 26cm x 19cm x 27.5cm

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